Meet the 5 Year Old Girl Instagram Celebrity Living The Life You Dreamt Of

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That life you dreamed of, yes, the ;life you dreamed of ; that’s the life a five yea old ois living.

Breanna Youn became an internet sensation after her mother posted a cute picture of her online. Since then she has over 1 million instagram followers and her fame has changed her family’s lifestyle,from a cramped flat to a jet set life..

The little girl has been flown business class around the world and showered with presents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel and Tiffany jewellery to designer outfits, banquets and hampers laden with chocolates and cookies.

Her wealthy fans in the Middle East even flew her from her home in South Korea to Dubai, where her family has been put up for free in five star hotels since May and chauffeur driven in limos..

Mrs Youn told MailOnline:

‘I don’t know why people…

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