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CAN President name staind by his actions

CAN President Orisajafo was given a jet during his birthday has gift by Goodluck Jonatan and that same jet was sized in southafrica for transfer of huge sum of money and amunition can a man of God be behind all those things. Jonathan also gave CAN 7billion naira for canpain what is the busness of religios sect with politis


2015: Opposition could kill Jonathan to take over govt — Clark


ABUJA—IJAW leader and former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, has expressed fears over President Goodluck Jonathan’s safety, preparatory to the 2015 presidential election, saying the opposition politicians could go all out to kill the president in order to be in power.

The elder statesman said recent statements from the party’s chieftains were worrisome, suggesting that they would stop at nothing to harm the president to get to the seat of power.

E. K. Clark

Clark said this yesterday, in Abuja, at a conference organised by a group under the aegis of Peoples Democratic Party Ward2Ward Initiative.

He alleged that the opposition politicians in the APC were celebrating the heightening of insecurity in the North East, with the belief that such development would not only degenerate into anarchy but make the president and his Peoples Democratic Party, PDP-led administration unpopular so that their dream of winning the hearts of Nigerian…

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Boko Haram attacks two Gombe towns


Boko Haram fighters parading the street of an unidentified town under their control as shown in a video made available to French News Agency (AFP) by the sect...yesterday.
Boko Haram fighters parading the street of an unidentified town under their control as shown in a video made available to French News Agency (AFP) by the sect…yesterday.

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen yesterday stormed two towns in Gombe State, raiding banks and burning government buildings and political party offices, residents told French News Agency (AFP).

Scores of gunmen dressed in military uniform arrived in Bajoga, 60 kilometres from Gombe city in a convoy of 20 vehicles at about 7am.

Troops managed to push out the attackers and they then drove towards Ashaka, which is five kilometres away and close to the Yobe State boundary.

Both raids came after an attack on the Yobe State capital, Damaturu, on Monday, which left dead more than 150 people, including 38 policemen and six soldiers

Fighters in that raid are thought to have come from the Buni Yadi area in the southern part of…

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Twin Falls, Keanae, and Surf.

I have been going to Hawaii every since I was a little girl with my family.  We go once a year to see friends and family and of course just relax.  One of the things I’ve heard about from time to time, but have never really experienced, is the Road to Hana.  When my step-dad, Darrin, and friend, Amanda, were up for the adventure we decided we would check out a few sites on the Road to Hana.  I wanted to see a waterfall and a special beach and I’d say we got both!

Our first stop was Twin Falls which is a few waterfalls a short walking distance from the parking area.  At the opening of the path is this cute little farm-stand.

The path ways are very easy and also very lush.

There were a few wet areas but that’s part of what makes it so beautiful!


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Roll vs. Fold: What’s the Best Way to Pack to Save Space?

Tremendous Times

Roll vs. Fold: What's the Best Way to Pack to Save Space?

I’ve pretty much always folded my clothes for travel because, well, that’s just what I always did. I pulled them from my dresser drawers, placed them in a suitcase, and got on my way. I’m also pretty good about not packing too much stuff to begin with, so I’ve never had enormous struggles with making everything fit. On top of that, I’m never packing things that wrinkle too easily, either, which clothes-rolling is supposed to help. My folded clothes and all my other essentials never managed to be a problem to pack, so I’ve never had to resort to anything different.

Of course, I take lots of weekend trips, which generally require less stuff. My recent trip to the east coast, though, was for a week, and I had quite a lot to bring with me — including a dress and shoes for a wedding. On a whim I decided to…

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Memories. You can taste them.

Tastes bring them back, in fact. Tastes and smells. Smells do it so accurately – a hand cream or shampoo or floor cleaner and I can almost see the place from my childhood where I smelled it then. Or the taste of something I haven’t had in so…

We know what a taste trigger of a memory is, a little ping into the wall of memory that cracks it and releases a flood. It’s Proust’s madeleine.

Remember Proust’s madeleine? “Everyone” “knows” about Proust’s madeleine. Actually, the first time I heard about it I was quite irritated. I was driving my dad’s car home from downtown Edmonton, having ushered a show at the Citadel Theatre, and I had CBC Radio on and some talking people were talking. “We all know about Proust,” said one, “that he ate a madeleine and…”

No, I didn’t. Who is Proust?…

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